Wedding & Event Requirements

I. The Coordinator

All weddings at Fjeldheim will be planned, or at least coordinated, by Blue Sky Events, our exclusive wedding coordinator for Fjeldheim. After many years and many weddings at the Tahoe Mountain Home, it was obvious that Kerry and Jason at Blue Sky were head and shoulders above their competition. They are intimately familiar with the unique strengths and quirks of Fjeldheim and have a 100% “Amazing!” rating for the wedding dreams they bring to reality here. Since it’s impossible to find a better event coordinator for this unusual venue, we saved you the trouble of searching.

II. Event Supplies

Tables, chairs, sectional flooring and stages, bunting, decor, etc is the responsibility of the coordinator, not Fjeldheim staff. Additionally, parking and transportation, lighting, catering, entertainment, facility use, garbage disposal and insurance will also be organized by your coordinator. Finally, the cleaning fee associated with renting the house does not include breaking down the event nor cleaning the grounds, and these should be arranged by a coordinator.

III. Food and Drink

All wedding receptions hosted at the house must also be catered. We can recommend local caterers who are familiar with Fjeldheim, or you may provide your own: ask your coordinator for help. Fjeldheim is not a Bed & Breakfast and does not have a liquor license or food service license. Fjeldheim’s kitchen, housewares and furniture are for the use of overnight guests only.

IV. The House

On the day of the event, designated areas of the house will be available for public use, but the main living quarters will be closed to heavy traffic. Tours of the house may be arranged ahead of time and are to be conducted by Fjeldheim staff. We can provide signage to help communicate these things to your friends and family.

V. The Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies should begin by 4:00pm at the latest, to give ample time for your reception afterward. Please do not try to synchronize your ceremony time with sunset: it is very difficult to photograph properly, and results in an oddly constrained reception time afterward. (Amplified music or other outdoor noise ends by 10:00pm, per local and county noise ordinances.) If a Tahoe sunset is important to your wedding plans, we suggest an afternoon ceremony followed later by group photos of the wedding party and family with the sunset on the lake in the background, when a photographer can arrange the necessary lighting.

VI. The Weather

Tahoe is known for rapid and unexpected changes in weather. Snow could fall in any month of the year– on the other hand, the Tahoe basin averages 300 days of sun annually. Odds are good that you will have perfect weather on your wedding day. Because we cannot guarantee it, any event with more than 26 in attendance (including children) must rent a tent, pavilion or awning that will accommodate all your guests in the event of bad weather. Moving your wedding ceremony and reception indoors cannot be a back-up plan for larger weddings.

VII. Transportation

We have ample parking for smaller groups at Fjeldheim, but larger groups may run out of space. You are responsible to ensure all your guests get to and from Fjeldheim safely and conveniently. Here are some suggestions:

  • Carpool. Have more guests arrive in fewer vehicles. This may be all you need to do for a wedding of 50 guests or less. But you must do more than merely suggest the ideas. Coordinate it to make it happen.
  • Off-site parking and private shuttle up to Fjeldheim. MontBleu Casino offers year-round free parking in their parking structure behind and to the north of the casino towers. Charter shuttle services can ferry guests from there to Fjeldheim, a five to eight-minute ride. Lakeside Casino is even closer, also free parking, but has a much smaller parking lot. Local wedding coordinators are familiar with private bus and shuttle companies in Tahoe.
  • Off-site parking and public shuttle up to Fjeldheim. BlueGO flexible-route local bus service will take groups of your guests (or individuals!) right to our door, if you arrange it ahead of time by calling (530) 541-7149. Together with the Nifty Fifty Trolley, it is possible for some or all your guests to arrive at Fjeldheim via local public transportation.

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